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So earlier at work, during break of course, I was browsing my twitter feed for interesting updates. One of the things that caught my attention was the tweet about another Call Me Maybe lip synch video from the Ateneans. Well, based on the Archers’ video that came out earlier this week, they have set the bar pretty high  so I kind of expected a better or equal video content. With all my hopes up, I realized that I had no access to viewing the said video until after work so I waited patiently.

It was the first thing I did as soon as I got home. I was greatly disappointed though, and that judgment was without bias. I didn’t even finish watching because it’s too.. I don’t know.. amateur? It had bad quality, bad lip synch, bad everything. It was like an effortless fiasco.

Anyway, while I was dwelling  on my disappointment, I realized how many videos have been made with the same theme – lip synching and doing crazy stuff. Here are some of my favorites.

The video that started it all; the one that gave Carly a break in the industry. It’s nothing else but the bieber cover of Call Me Maybe. I don’t know how it happened, but it just did. One day, the song title randomly came up into the top trends on twitter and boom!  It’s now a song craze.

Without the really good looking guy at 1:54, I wouldn’t share you this. LOLJK. It’s a really funny video because of their awkward dance moves. Plus, the asian guy’s pretty touchy in the whole video, which made me doubt his sexuality.

This one’e pretty self explanatory. It’s a meat fest, yo! Look at how weird they look when they dance. Don’t misunderstand, but this weirdness makes me drool everytime I watch the video. haha

That’s all. I wouldn’t want to overdo the sharing so i limited them to 3. Anyway, thank you Carly Rae for the cute music! 🙂


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dis iz mah   disappointed faceIt’s one of those days again when I feel more of a liability than an asset. I feel like an object that has lost its use. I’m thinking, a drained battery. At this point, I can only ponder on one reason why I’m like this – the SLA Miss. Apparently, I just lost the morale that I’ve been trying to save until the end of the month. I can’t get over it! I had a miss! Imagine how long I’ve been doing this type of work, and yet i still made an error?! We have the easiest processes among the other geo’s and I, of all people, had to be the luckiest one to be so unlucky! It’s so disappointing. I have lost my chance to be a top performer for the quarter, again. I have to wait a couple of months again before I could start fresh. What happened to me. Last year, I was a top performer for the whole year. I had never committed a single error in my process. But somehow, 2012 has been a pretty difficult year.

Sometimes, I find it unfair when other people get away with their errors with the loopholes in the procedure. In my case, that was an honest stupidity. I carelessly entered June instead of July, when they had clearly stated that it should be July. I had no way out. So I just gave up the fight and admitted the mistake.

I hope that would be the last error I’d ever make in my entire processing career. I need to step up my game. UGH.

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Gosh. I’ve been longing for the weekend since forever. I mean, who doesn’t love the weekend? It’s probably one of the greatest things that God ever made. Anyway, I guess I expected too much with whatever’s supposed to happen today, because apparently, nothing’s going on and most likely it’s going to be like this until tomorrow.

It’s not that awful, but it’s not great either. I really wanted the weekend to be something extraordinary so that I would have a fresh start when Monday comes. You know how work gets you all stressed out so badly that you end up feeling like a zombie from The Walking Dead? It’s a neverending cycle. So having a well spent weekend is kind of a necessity to make the work-life set up work.

But whatever, I’ll just try to figure out how I can kill time until tonight. On a lighter note, at least I didn’t spend any money and of course, got to rest the whole day. As for everyone, I hope you’re all having a great weekend! 🙂

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I have a very painful mouthsore at the lower right area of my gums. It’s really unbearable. I can’t stress enough how much I wanted it gone. Oh, what did I do to deserve so much suffering! 😦

That was exaggerated..

But yeah, one of the things I hate the most is having a mouthsore. This is worse than having a a deep wound. You see, for a normal wound, the pain goes away as it heals over time. But for a mouthsore, it stays there for about a week. Not only that, it grows bigger too, and the pain grows as much.

I thought about sharing a picture of a mouthsore, but I realized that would gross you out. LOL. Anyway, it just magically disappears tomorrow.

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My friend officially booked reservations for her birthday dinner in July

I meant to share with you one of the big things I am excited about for next month. So basically, my friend is going to celebrate her birthday, and instead of throwing a party for everyone as what she has done in the past years, she decided to spend her funds in having an expensive dinner with just a few close friends. I don’t know what exactly made her change her mind. This plan was supposed to be for our Christmas dinner which we randomly discussed in one of our boring weekends. We thought about ourselves in coats, while the waiter pop the bottle of champagne and stuff. We were just laughing about it like a joke. A running thought to be further discussed. Until recently, she asked me if going on a formal dinner with me and another friend is a good idea. Of course, I answered yes! Anything that has exclusivity for me is definitely a go.

I’m glad I was chosen to be a part of this mature activity. For one, it’s going to be free. lol. Second, I haven’t gone to any fancy restaurants before, which has a dress code so it’s a good experience as well. I can imagine ourselves role playing like madam’s and sir’s! It’s gonna be a silly night for sure.

It got me thinking though, wouldn’t her other friends take it bitterly when they find out that they weren’t invited? I have actually done this when I threw my birthday party last year. I was only able to invite a few close friends due to lack of budget. I didn’t become a big issue, though. Besides, it should be the celebrant’s prerogative. Anyway, I hope everything goes well.

Well, I still have a few weeks to prepare for this. I was thinking of wearing a black turtle neck long sleeves, like what Steve Jobs used to wear. I don’t wanna look over or under-dressed. I just don’t know where I could buy that fits me well. Anyway, I’ll be making it a big issue in the coming weeks. Right now, I’m going to chill. It’s the FREAKING WEEKEND!

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It’s hard to to keep cool when you wake up in the morning and realize that you have only slept for a few hours and you can’t go back to sleep.

It’s hard to keep cool when you’re hungry, and you found out that there’s no food left for you.

It’s hard to keep cool when a random stranger takes the first cab to come by, even though you waited there first, and you waited there too long.

It’s hard to keep cool when you’re working your ass off for something that’s supposed to be done by someone else.

It’s hard to keep cool when you get caught with the crime, while others get away with it.

It’s hard to keep cool.

It’s hard to keep cool in general. When you’re pissed, there’s something inside you that’s trying to fight it’s way out. You, on the other hand, want to resist, but there’s always that one point when you can’t. A point when you just drop the bomb and make it explode. It’s a normal phenomenon.

As you may know, humanity is built upon sex and aggression. I agree on both. These things are the basic foundations of human behavior. The call for flesh and the call for violence, they’re innate and irresistible. Of course, over time, People have learned to control these instinctive behaviors thanks to civilization and modernization. But up to what extent?

People have different thresholds when it comes to patience. Think if it as a rope. Some have longer ropes. These people are the Hippie types. They find the inner peace in chaotic situations, which I believe as subjective. I envy them for the gift of calmness. I don’t know but probably, the longer they hold their anger, the bigger their anger tank they have inside them, hence the bigger the explosion once they have reached the terminal point. On the other hand, there are also those who have ropes shorter than a kid’s toe. They are very expressive of their anger, regardless of the person/people absorbing the tension. I sometimes get scared with them. I mean, if they get angry in less anger-inducing situations, then what more can they do on worse cases. But why would I be scared if I didn’t do anything wrong, right? Sometimes, it does not matter! LOL. I am like risking my life when I make intense conversations with these people. lol.

There have been many therapeutic ways invented to calm one’s self – walk around, breathe heavy, count sheep, smash windows, and the likes. In my case, these have never been effective. Thinking about it, the only way to eventually go to a calm state for me is to let go of it in a full blow; display anger; be the incredible hulk that I am. Even though we have different rope lengths, it all boils down to one thing, we all get angry, so don’t fret.

Sometimes, it’s annoying when people tell you to keep calm when you’re really mad. By experience, it actually just adds up to tension. For most cases, the angry person would say this giving you a rhetorical question, ‘Keep my calm when something bad has happened?’ It makes sense lol. Apart from this, It’s also annoying when the discussion becomes a volume competition and does not address the concern. A battle of the fittest. Whoever has made a statement with a higher decibel is the winner. Dumb right? Ugh! Uhhm, fine. I would accept wholeheartedly if you categorize me as short-roped (If that’s a term). lol. Anyway, I guess before this tension adds up to a certain level, take whatever precautions that you can make. Probably, skip the interaction for a while or something to think things through. Whatever applies to you, actually. You, of all people, would know what you feel. It’s up to you. But if you just can’t keep calm because of several reasons, the let it go. Being mad adds spice and drama . It’s okay to be mad, as long as you have the right reasons to back you up.

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Money ProblemsWhat happened to my frugal self?

One of my biggest challenges these days is to save money. I don’t know why this problem even occurred when I used to be the thriftiest among my peers. In fact, during my frugal days, as soon as my monthly salary feeds in my payroll account, I immediately transfer the bulk of it to a separate savings account and leave a small amount enough for my month’s allowance. But now, I have changed. I lost my control over spending, and I’m having a hard time getting it back!

It all began when I had a taste of sweet spending. One day, a thought abruptly interrupted me at work and told myself, ‘You work hard; you spend 9 hours a day, 5 days a week at the office, and you only get to spend how much of your salary? Roughly 10 %?’ I ignored it. But after some time, I realized it made perfect sense. Since then, all hell has broken loose. I gradually changed my mindset. Weekend after weekend I cash out and spend money here and there. I’ve become unstoppable. Don’t blame me for this. I just wanted to reward myself for everything – graduation, landing a job, a good employee record, everything. Imagine, for the first time, I’ve given myself the best of the following – food, clothes, gadgets.. oh, did i mention food? Before, when we eat at fancy restaurants, I used to get the cheapest order. But now Before, it’s easy to decide on where to eat – Mcdonald’s. But now, we have broaden our choices with different restaurants we fancy. In fact, I get to pick whatever food I want, not just the cheapest order. How cool is that?

To tell you guys, ever since I landed a job in 2010, never have I missed my target of keeping the 75% of my monthly salary to my savings account. I think my parents programmed me at birth to be scared of not meeting the target savings. It’s both a gift and a curse. A gift because I get to save money, but a curse because I resist the things I want, and I end up frustrating myself. Life is so cruel.

Anyway, at this point, I have created an action plan for this. I’m not the unluckiest guy to cry over my fate. I have to save.  I don’t want the day to come when I need money and there’s nowhere for me to get it from. I know it’s a tough task, but good boys do what good boys got to do. Wish me luck!




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