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This is a very outdated entry. I was supposed to tell you about my Tagaytay weekend two weeks ago, but I never got the chance. I’ve been busy with several things – work, shopping, series, rest. So there.

Anyway, so my friends and I spent our whole Saturday at Tagaytay. But before we landed there, we had quite a lot of delays due to our friend who resides down south. She was an hour late, which made us adjust our schedule a little bit. If you’re reading this amiga, have no doubts because it’s you.I only had one purpose in agreeing to come to this trip, and that is to have a new profile photo when I get home. Fortunately, I was successful in this endeavor, and more. We got to dine at a fancy restaurant – Antonio’s. That place screams BEAUTIFUL in every aspect. It has a Greek inspired backyard, with the main house/dining area having an old Spanish-Filipino look. Of course I didn’t let the opportunity pass. I took my camera and began taking pictures. Aside from the alluring view, expensive food was served to us. We had the ‘like a boss’ feel, and we weren’t out of place-d at all; there was a sense of belonging in that whole experience.

After this, we were supposed to head straight to the freedom park, but the weather was not as cooperative. We had to take refuge at Starbucks that’s has a overlooking view of the Taal. Another awesome place to visit. The fog came to us like a mist on Silent Hill. I tried to inhale the fog. haha. I don’t know if it was the wet wood, but it smelled like the soil. We waited until the whole landscape was clear from the fog, and it was worth it.

With the weather looking better, we have decided to ditch the place and go the Freedom Park. First destination was the zip line. I was too scared to go zip-lining and took photos of Nica and Zel instead. Wong and I thought that it’s back and forth, so we were waiting at the edge of the zipline to wait for the ladies. Apparently, we were wrong and they just walked themselves towards us. It was so funny because when they were about to cross from the bridge to us by taking the muddy shortcut, Zel slipped. I couldn’t help her because I was laughing so hard at the mishap. She couldn’t move because her shoes were slipping everytime she moves the other foot forward. Well, she got out of the mud trap eventually. But that was the best! After Zel cleaned up herself, we went to the main park. We took several pictures there then went to the horse backriding area. It was an awesome experience, too. The last time I rode a horse was 5 years ago with my dad. We had the game of thrones feel riding the awesome horses. We roleplayed random characters as we were maneuvering the horses in the field.

So basically that’s how my Tagaytay Saturday turned out. Just divine. Here are some pictures:

We all look awesome. That’s Nica at the left, and Zel at the right. HAHAHA! This was Zel when she was still clean. hihi.

I think this area’s prohibited to visitors. We found a house downstairs with a growling dog that stares vehemently at people.

We look cute here. We’re like Dora’s apprentices.

Okay so over the stairs on this photo, there’s a rude dog that”s lying there and growling at anyone who comes to try to get   through.

This was our viand. Rosemary Chicken sum-sum. I forgot it’s whole name. But the taste was definitely unforgettable.

Here’s the whole pack! Awesome amigas!

The photo would’ve looked better without me in it. The view was just awesome!

Oh gosh. I swear I laughed while posting this!! *Mean*

Here we are. Giddy up, giddy up!


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Just before I go to the mall. What better way to get me on the go than to sing. hahaha

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I’m torn between Pride and Friendship.

I had a fight with a friend which ended a few weeks ago. Well, not exactly ended, at least for me. I could not determine because there wasn’t a formal conclusion to the issue. That friend already apologized, but he wasn’t aware of what he was apologizing for. When he asked me what he did wrong, I didn’t tell him. I didn’t want to. I wanted him to figure it out. In fact, my response was very reflective for him. “Did you do anything to make me feel angry towards you?” The exact words, but it was in Filipino. I didn’t owe it to him. He had to know because he made the mistake. He had to know because he’s old enough to determine what’s right and wrong.

So yes, he apologized, but unlike our previous settlements, this one’s different. I have forgiven him. I have no grudges against him, or whatsoever. It’s just that I can’t stop feeling awkward towards him.  I tried to act normal, but at the back of my mind I thought that soon we’ll have something to fight about again and go back to the endless cycle. I’m probably tired of it that’s why. It’s like our friendship has been scarred for life. haha. I don’t know. I think things will never be the same as before, but we’ll see.

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I’m not in the mood to share my Tagaytay experience last weekend, but I have this weird encounter earlier this morning that I’d tell instead.

Every morning since my dad left for Alaska, I’ve been taking a cab to have a cool, pollution-free trip to work. Apparently, today I experienced a different type of pollution that kind of destroyed my day. So I was running late when I caught this cab at first sight. I was lucky. Seconds before, my vision passed through the lady that I remember to have stolen the cab I was waving at last Friday. She was at the same spot, also waiting for a cab. Right then, I knew I was triumphant, I got it first. I wanted to give the lady an evil grin of victory, but I was too surprised to do so when I saw all the cab’s windows down. It only meant one thing, no effing air conditioner. Fortunately, the driver explained that he was just saving gas and yes, there was actually a/c. And so we moved along to the usual route that I take to Commonwealth. One random moment, the cab driver shared how sexy the girls are nowadays. It was definitely a WTF moment. I couldn’t say nor express anything. I wasn’t sure how, so I nodded to express comprehension and nothing else.I thought it would be impolite if i ignored him because I was sitting right beside him at that time. With that nod, it probably gave him the signal that he could talk more, which he did the whole trip. I could say that it’s one of my worst cab rides ever. I would’ve talked back and converse with him if he shared about the current political issues of our country or something else, just not about women! Ugh.

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It’s that day of the year again when people get so exaggeratedly panicky on a Friday. Yes, today is Friday the 13th.

I didn’t know about it until I saw the trending topics. Yes, it’s one of the top TT’s today.  What’s worse is that its “Happy Friday the 13th.” I was like, WTH. It’s not a freaking occassion. I mean, really, what’s up with Friday the 13th and how did it become so relevant for people? To add to this, everything that’s 13 is scary for people. Some buildings skip 13th floor in counting. You may notice this if the elevator does not have a button for the 13th floor. From 12, the next button to press is 14. I had a first had experience of this back in college. I think that was Andrew Building.

Well, due to my unbearable curiosity, I kind of looked it up on wikipedia while listening to my favorite band, Karmin. So several results came up to explain this crazy superstition. One of the cool things i found out was that 13 is considered to be a number of irregularity. If you could check the clock, or the number of months, or the number of Gods in Olympus, they are all limited to 12. So basically, 12 is considered to be the complete set, and adding one more, (13), would make it ‘over the top’ or something. Another one was a belief in the 14th century, when they regard Friday as an unlucky day of the week to do awesome stuff. I guess the two beliefs have been fused. 13th as unlucky, and Friday as unlucky. It’s probably to, you know, limit the days of bad luck for us. Imagine if we consider all Fridays of the month and all the all the 13’s in each month to be unlucky, then we probably be very scared living organisms. lol.

Anyway, I’m lost in thought now because I’m watching Katy Perry’s Vevocertified videos. But I would love to hear your thoughts about Friday the 13th! 🙂

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ParaNorman Poster New

I had the funniest way to discover this new animated movie coming out in August!

So one late afternoon, our team decided to eat at the newly opened Bonchon branch at Technohub. I was supposed to have my normal afternoon ‘heavy snack’ with the onboarding team, but plans have changed as soon as I step foot at their area. they began talking about chicken. They figured it would be better to have dinner instead so everyone else could come with. I was okay with it. My only problem that time was that I had packed food that day. Well, it didn’t really appear as a problem since it was a one peer pressure hit. I was easily swayed. I figured I could just eat it after work or when I get home. So we went there and ate dinner, had some random chit-chat about anything except work, until topics trailed to the history of our names. I can’t remember how it began or why we talked about it. But anyway, on a weird timing, our team lead blurted out, “Norman, kamusta yung movie mo? Yung Paranorman?” There was a quick pause, and then followed by a hysterical laughter from everyone. We weren’t laughing because it was funny. We were laughing because it was such a WTH moment. One, it wasn’t even related to what we were talking about; Two, it was a bomb of pure unspeakable corny-ness. It was insane. Maybe the timing wasn’t just perfect. I don’t know. But one thing’s for sure, it cannot be categorized as a joke.

We thought that it was only a punchline that has blown out of proportion. Much to our surprise, it was an actual movie! To be fair it was pretty hard to believe that time as we were thinking she was just trying to save herself from the humiliation. But apparently, she showed the link to the trailer and viola!

I really like this type of movies. I can’t imagine how long they shot this. I mean, it’s made of clay or something then they  position the characters, shoot for a split second then pause. I’m not sure but I think it’s called stop motion. This is far better and authentic than 3D animated movies because of the difficulty of its production.

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