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I just discovered that a wordpress application for blackberry exists, hence this post. One problem though, I’m not sure if this application is covered in my Internet Service. I’m currently subscribed to BB SOCIAL, which enables only a limited number of applications to work. I sincerely hope that this is one of the lucky apps. So there, I just had to try this and share with you guys. 🙂


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Truth be told. This is the reason why I got interested in learning Spanish. Last weekend, I spent my two day vaca watching this series. Well, not the whole thing, but the “gay parts” only. Don’t misunderstand because those are the only videos uploaded with english subtitles. I really wanted to watch the whole thing, but due to my lack of knowledge on the language, I couldn’t. So my resolve is to learn Spanish soon so I won’t have to look for subtitles when I watch telenovela’s. LOL

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I’m so sorry for not posting anything for the past few weeks. I’ve had quite an unreasonably busy schedule which had me occupied from head to toe. Anyway, Ill just squeeze in all the special events that happened to me in this entry. I think the last thing that happened was the Shangri-la Birthday dinner, so I’m gonna start with it.

Nica’s Birthday Dinner

So this birthday dinner took place one weekend in July, two weeks after the tagaytay weekend. We have planned this for a long time since Nica didn’t want to celebrate with booze and all that. She thought it’s better to have a peaceful, classy, and liquor-less dinner with just a few friends, meaning Wong and me.  You know what normal grown-ups do on a Saturday night? That kind of thing. Anyway, so we decided to have dinner in Shangri-la Makati, in one of the expensive restaurants there, Inagiku. I was a bit uneasy with the place, because gosh, it was too much. Expensive tables, expensive carpets, waitresses wearing legitimate kimono’s. Wait, I’m not even sure if I had the right to call them waitresses. They even looked better than me.  What’s funny about that night was that when they were serving the food, they brought some curled up rug on the table. We didn’t know what they were for, so we waited to see how the people from the other table used the rug. To our surprise, they were meant to clean our hands. I had a random thought that they might be to clean up lips after eating, but then what would be the white cloth for? Haha So silly.

Look at those towels. We didn’t know what they were for until we saw how the people from the other table used them. hahaha

So here are some of the dishes we ordered that summed up to more than my monthly allowance. Here’s the assorted sashimi. I only got to know two of them – Tuna and Salmon. I forgot what the other 3 kinds were. Anyway, this was the best food served to us that night. I can imagine up until now. I’m still drooling.

This next dish is made of sea urchin. We were a bit hesitant to taste this because of our experiences with the creature. Turns out that this would be one of our top 3 dishes to pick. The meat was soft, just like oyster, and the cheese on top of it was really tasty.

This next dish, as you know, is the maki. Well, I think all california maki’s taste the same. I didn’t find anything extraordinary about it. I fancy the sea weeds on top because they came in different colors. (I’m not sure if they’re weeds)

Anyway, we had this and more. I couldn’t find the photos on facebook anymore so yeah. After dinner, we went to see “The Dictator,” starring that guy from Borat. It was hilarious!! I’m giving it 4 out 5 popcorns for its humor. So anyway, the night ended well, with Nica’s pocket empty. hahaha! Good thing she paid for it. 🙂


So in August, during the first week, we have experienced one of the most intense rainfall in Manila. Monday night, non-stop rain came in to wreak its havoc. I thought it was just a passing rain. The morning after when I woke up, I found our street flooded waist deep. It was like Ondoy all over again, but this time, it was just the southwest monsoon. IT WASN’T EVEN A STORM mind you. I wasn’t able to go to work that tuesday because even though the flood on our street was gone, my route going to work was still submerged. The next day, i think it was brighter already, and the sun was already there. But, on my way, the rain just poured so much that at home, the floodwater got inside our house again. I was so worried about my mom because she’s also at work in Sta. Mesa – the place that gets really flooded the worst. I was glad when my mom got home safely that night. Also, because the company that I work in served dinner and transpo for free. At least now, it’s over. Thank you, Lord.


One of my good friends from Downelink came home to the Philippines last week! Yay! So Icko, another friend of mine, planned a welcome home dinner, and invited the whole gang. It was great seeing everyone after a long time.  Here’s a couple of photos that we were lucky to have taken that time. ( As i wasn’t feeling well that night and ditched early)

Well, I didn’t get the memo about the clothes. LOLJK.

Joker and Me.

Well, I think those are the most important events that happened the few weeks I wasn’t posting anything.

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NOTE: This is only meant for an intelligent discussion.

RH Bill 450x300

Okay, so I just want to get this off my chest. This is about one of the biggest issues of the country right now, the Reproductive Health Bill. I haven’t really read nor browsed through the whole scope of it but with what I have known – the key proposal of the bill, I’m making a stand. Whether you’re pro or against it, please see this out.

What is the key proposal of the bill? I’m not really sure if my source is the most accurate, but I’m putting my faith to its writer. Moreover, this is also what I had in mind before google-ing, and wikipedia-ing this on the internet. Whether it has little truth in it or none at all, I’m firing away. I quote, “[…]there is great debate on its key proposal that the Philippine government and the private sector will fund and undertake widespread distribution of family planning devices such as condomsbirth control pills (BCPs) and IUDs, as the government continues to disseminate information on their use through all health care centers.

As I see it, this bill is comprised of, but not limited to, promoting modern family planning methods and devices as an avenue to prevent several reproductive health and society issues such as STD’s, unwanted pregnancies, overpopulation, etc. I would definitely agree with what this bill is trying to achieve – to improve the lives of the people in general, but I think that the end does not justify the means. One of the reasons, if not the only one, why these issues are rampant in the society now is because SEX has turned into a casual activity. And it just doesn’t make sense to find solution by focusing on the mitigation of the effects, rather than targeting casual sex itself. Is it too hard set discipline nowadays? Am I being too idealistic? The world’s culture continues to evolve and mold itself into something where the people are free from it’s restrictions. You see, we’re given so much freedom, that we are beginning to lose our sense of responsibility for our actions. We make excuses by making the ‘not okay’ things ‘okay.’ Isn’t it better to instill in the minds of people that “It’s not okay to have casual sex because it may lead to health and issue problems” than to make them think that “It’s okay to have casual sex AS LONG AS IT’S SAFE.”

Please do not misunderstand. I am not disagreeing with this bill merely because I am Catholic. I tell you, religion has little influence to my stand. I’m not disagreeing because I want to deprive others of the choice. I’m not disagreeing because I am trying clean my backyard. I just think that there are better alternatives that would be beneficial for both paradigms; that will have a better or at least the same end point. If this were to be implemented, I know it would be effective. But I’m pretty sure it would cost us a long term negative effect – lack of discipline. Filipinos are intelligent, they would be able to come up with something that is a win-win.

How about you? What’s your stand on the Reproductive Health Bill?

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