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For the last 3 weeks, I have spent Saturdays and Sundays at home watching this Spanish series that I almost killed myself for that I got a tad bit obsessed with.  The series is called Fisica O Quimica, a primetime show in Spain about present issues on kids these days – drugs, homosexuality, bullying, etc. It basically portrays the normal everyday encounters in a school and the different dilemmas of people there.  Scratch that, I wouldn’t say normal, because I never experienced so much life destructing stories in a freaking school. Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve gone to school. But regardless, I think the issues there are possible to happen. Maybe in our school before, such things happened discreetly so I wasn’t that aware. Anyway, If you remember in my previous posts, I have also written an about another spanish series named, Relaciones Peligrosas. Turns out that this series was a spin-off of this recent one that I’ve watched. But don’t be fooled, FoQ is better than RP by distance I can’t even describe. Among all the series that I’ve seen, this would probably be the best so far. No exaggeration.



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