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[disclaimer: Game of Thrones ep 9 spoilers]

It’s 2:17PM, I haven’t taken a bath and you know, fix my self for work. My usual shift starts at 3, so I need to leave my house 30 minutes before. I’m not sure how I’m gonna make it, but whatever.

I finished watching the latest Game of Thrones episode, the famous red wedding episode. Again, the good people have been slaughtered. There seems to be no sense of justice in this series. It’s an annoying trait, but damn, it’s also the one thing that makes it unique and awesome. Sadly, it’ll be the season finale again in a couple of weeks and we would have to wait another year for the next. Oh well, Long live the King of the North. and the King’s wolf. and Catlyn. 😦


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This is my favorite song from the hit series, Smash. If we’re friends on Facebook or you follow me on twitter, you might say, ‘oh crap this.. again.’ No hating. I have shared this a million times, and I probably would a couple more. I’m still not over the fact that it got cancelled, but I know I’d have to let it go.. in due time.

Okay I’m gonna stop now. haha! But yes, this is my favorite song off of Smash!

Should you wish to listen to the other songs from Season 2, you can check out this site —

Smash Weekly


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Hi Everyone!

I’m at this phase of my life again when everything is too boring and the only way for me to survive the next two hours is to write a random entry. Apart from it being a critical requirement for my survival, my good Cebuana friend, Annie, requested me to clean and put my blog back up. What better way to spend a lonesome Sunday night but to write, right? Especially now that my favorite musical series, Smash, got cancelled. I would have to share my hatred towards NBC on a separate post. Anyway, I guess this is my comeback. I had a tough time choosing what topic to talk about in my blog 2.0 entry.

I had 3 choices. First, I thought of sharing my Galera trip. No special reason. It’s just most recent big event that happened. I also thought of Smash’ cancellation, but then I felt like I had so many insights to share which I find hard to keep coherent. Whatever. And the last topic I had in mind was the game I just finished earlier, Suikoden 2. So out of the 3, I chose to share my Galera trip. Smash and Suikoden 2, I’ll post entries about them some other time. How I ended up with that decision? Simple. It’s just story telling. Unlike Smash and Suikoden, they would require opinion and logic and blah blah blah. By the way, just to set expectations, it’s gonna be a mindless sharing of photos and captions. Brain activity is down to 50% of its normal capacity at this moment so I’m sorry lol

So how it happened? Let me start with how I decided to book the trip. I wasn’t really that up for a vaca throughout the summer. Not until the Labor Day Weekend when almost everyone I know has gone to Bora. I, on the other hand, was being the loser, staying at home like an old hag. I was so frustrated. Beach thought bubbles were popping everywhere, and I was so close to killing myself. No I wasn’t, I’m not that type. But yes, I was hardcore jealous. It’s common knowledge what happens in Boracay during labor day. Liquor, Sweat, Liquor, Party. It’s like transporting Manila party places to the beautiful beach of Boracay. Of course, a reversed clothing rule applies — less is more. People in their bikinis and boardshorts instead of dresses and skinny jeans. That’s one thing I regret as well, seeing the hot macho papa’s and their washboard abs. Hayy. Okay, I need to wipe my drool now. lol. It may come as a surprise, but I don’t drink, smoke, or even party… anymore so I figured I wouldn’t be enjoying the trip if I went, too. But you know, the fun that they’re having, it’s definitely something to envy.

There I was in my bored, frustrated, sullen state, when I came across a thought, why not have a Galera 2.0? It wasn’t that great of an idea that time, but I was all out to book something, an impulse booking if the term makes more sense. I called Sarah to ask if she wants to come with, and by some miracle, she immediately said yes. It was just awesome! I was so ready! After the call, I thought of Zel. I was already expecting her to decline since she was in Boracay at that time, and prolly might need to take a break from breaks. But no, the universe was on my side and it was a loud resounding yes from her, too!.. Yada yada yada til the day of the trip…

Day 1 Photos —


Tourist vibes. Our feet finally landed on the warm sand of White Beach. It was just too haggard for us getting and settling there — the long lines at the port, the sleepless busride, the freaky guy sitting in front of us who was disrespectfully staring.. no .. glaring at Sarah, and of course, the long walk to the ho–motel. haha! I would say that the walk wasn’t as bad since on our way, we passed by a karaoke-restau place and saw MIKEY BUSTOS. He’s so hot. UGH.

Image Image

So after freshening up and resting, we went out to enjoy the sun and the sea. It was awesome. Of course, we wouldn’t miss the opportunity to take a buttload of photos! Those are just two of the multiple fake laugh photos we had. Silly and nonsensical, but I still laugh when I look at them. Sarah was weird-ed out with my fake laugh holding my throat. I get her point now. I mean, who laughs that way? lol  OMG I’m starting to miss Galera now. 😦


Hahaha! I couldn’t stretch my leg high to make it look like I was stepping on them. *Okay I’m fast forwarding this entry. I’m getting bored. ;)* So day 2 photos (This was our last day in Galera) —

Image Image Image

What I love about day 2? 1- My outfit. haha! Sorry for my self serving comment, but it was grand, like I was channeling some Miami beach outfit kinda thing. 2- good outfit equals good photos. So much photos to choose from. I can’t even pick which one to use as my new profile picture on Facebook. lol. 3- Weather. There was a right amount of clouds that day, that we were able to soak in the water at high noon. It was a great vacation-ender!

Out of 10, I’ll rate this vacation a 7.5 to 8. That’s based on my criteria — photos, relaxation, food, and budget. I’m just glad I have a new profile picture on FB. Wooh!

So how about you guys? Tell me about your recent vaca. 🙂

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