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I got nothing extraordinary to share about last week except that it was draining. 4 out of 5 days that I went overtime to work. Yes, call me nuts. Don’t get me wrong. I love my job – I love talking to clients, negotiating, and the other stuff a service manager does. But if this goes on, I might have to rethink this career path. Work-Life balance just isn’t working anymore.

Anyway, I don’t want to talk about it now since I would have to take on another workweek in the next couple of days. Better gear up with good vibes tonight! huh-hah.

So earlier we had our monthly VSA dinner, and guess what? Everybody was there! Yes, all 7 of us was there! Normally there’s one or two who wouldn’t be able to come. It’s been like this since 2012. Gosh, I can’t even remember the last time we were all at the same place. Everybody’s been busy. Weekends, they’re always booked for other things – work, other friends, night outs, or what have you. But tonight, we’re complete! First time in 6 months that I saw Aurita tonight! Still gorgeous as she is. She still slaps my face randomly, or touches my food with her fingers, or making a fool out of Jasper (when it’s not me). I MISSED IT! We talked about highschool stuff, the boys we had crushes on, the boys who are now fathers, and more boys. We also talked about Acha’s return in August. The top shelf liquor joke that has been running around. They’ve been planning to drink all day and night when he’s here. I can already imagine (though I might not be fit for that kind of lifestyle anymore). I, on the other hand, am anticipating for the dance video we’re gonna make. Ooh, so many things I can’t wait for!  Well, I hope the good things keep on coming.


VSA Dinner for July

VSA Dinner for July


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Apparently, one of my usual readers told me that this post is a little short of details, so I’m gonna bare it all like a Marilyn Monroe. Here goes —

OMG I had a really tiring day today because I went out shopping with my amiga from Bicol, Sarah. She came back to Manila last Thursday (I think) and I only got to meet her tonight. It was really fun, especially the chikas we caught up on.

It was a pretty simple plan. Sarah and I set to meet up at Gateway around 2pm so from there we can go to SM North. Unfortunately, I had a long working day yesterday that I slept late, and woke up really late – at 1:34pm. I texted her and asked if we could reschedule at 3pm. So she agreed. Before I sent the text, she was already asking me if I was going to ditch. Funny thing to ask but I guess she knows how I usually ditch out the last minute. Anyway, so I kind of slacked off eating lunch, taking a bath, and dressing up. I even got to watch Eat Bulaga for a couple of minutes. *Sorry Sarah*. So I got to Gateway 30 minutes late, did a little ‘omg you always do this’ conversation, and then had ‘snacks’ at Pancake House. I ordered some salmon cake topped on brown rice goodness. Gosh, it tasted like sand. Not that I have already tasted sand, but I figured it’s the closest thing. Thanks to all the other toppings like cucumber, raisins, and other healthy stuff, I managed to finish it. Oh, and by the way, Sarah and I got jealous of the pancake at the other table and decided to get one also. We only ordered one and shared so please don’t judge us. It was a tolerable meal. Skipping the hatred towards the food, I think the fact that I was really sleepy is worth mentioning. Don’t get me wrong, the catch up sesh was great! I was just really really tired.

Anyway, we talked about a couple of pacool people who can’t seem to keep their nose off of other people’s business. The conversation was full of wtf faces and facepalms as we tell each other about our similar experiences. Don’t you hate people like that, especially when they give negative unsolicited opinions? Ugh, sometimes it even makes you want to staple their mouths.

We also talked about Annie’s antics. Everytime we meet, meaning Sarah and I, we always keep a portion of our chika time for any updates about our other friend, Annie. For tonight, Sarah told me about the 40 year old secretary. It was a detailed demonstration from how Annie talked, to the number of times the quotation was made in error, up until her hilarious reactions, that is, tearing up the paper in front of the employee. My gosh, I dream of doing that to someone. I can’t tell if I’m capable, but as Annie told me, sometimes you won’t be able to stop yourself when you’re already on that moment. It made me want to pay Annie a visit and just stay there while she’s working. I WANT to see her in action. lol. Putting things into perspective, she had a good reason doing so. Incompetence is just intolerable.

After the sumptuous meal, we left Gateway for SM North. There were so many people there! People wearing jeje caps, and jerseys. We first went to Annex, then The Block, then Trinoma. We were able to purchase a lot of awesome clothes today. Definitely productive. It was all great except for an unexpected cross of paths. Anyway, not worth mentioning.

So end of day, I bought a couple of cute shorts and a polo. I tried them again at home and they’re all awesome. I was planning to buy more because it was sale in almost all the stores. I, however, remembered that I bought a laptop just two weeks ago. It kind of caused my wallet to suffer financial trauma, so I thought of giving this big spender a break.

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Today/Yesterday was the premiere of Britney’s new music video for Ooh La La! As you know, this song is the OST for the upcoming Smurfs movie that will show on 31st July. The date’s from IMDB by the way.

Can I just say how awesome and cute the MV is? Britney’s looking awesome, though I know it’s some kind of ‘video photoshopped’ (whatever you call it). I mean, she looks far younger than how she is in her paparazzi photos. In any case, I must say, her facial expressions are really catchy and kid friendly. I love the fact that her boys are in the video as well! Apart from looking so adorable, those kids made Britney look happy in a natural way.

About the song, I don’t like it that much. Rating it from 01 – 10, I’m gonna say 7. There seems to be a lot of dead air where it shouldn’t. I mean, it’s a song, it’s supposed to be continuous. If you check out the bridge part (not sure if it’s called a bridge), there’s a short pause which I don’t get if the song wasn’t finished properly or what.

Here’s the link where you can watch it:

Let me know your thoughts. 🙂





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I hate Tuesdays



I cannot stress enough how much I abhor this God forsaken day! Every single week, it gets worse and worse. I’m not even sure if there’s a ceiling for my negative feelings towards Tuesday, but at this point, it just grows, and it grows fast.

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I woke up with no plans in hand. I need to come up with something, else, it’s gonna be another unproductive Sunday. I don’t want to be all negative, though by trend, it seems like it’s bound to be like that. Whatever. It’s only 2pm, and the day’s almost over. I got time! Not.

What to do? Hmm, I’d probably go out for a quick jog at 4pm later. You know how I don’t do exercise, but I’m starting to grow a belly, and it’s not good for my fitted clothes. I’m thin, and I don’t know why all the fats get centralized in one area. So just imagine me with thin legs, arms, face, but has a protruding flab. UGH!! Anyway, somebody channel me some drive!! 😦 Aja!

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Nothing really special. I went to Jasper’s place today to copy movies and series in my ehd. It was an overdue plan. In fact, two weeks ago, I asked Jasper to come to my house for the same business(and it was his first time at our new house). But thanks to my ancient laptop, all I got was porn. No judgment.

Anyway, at least now I’m all buckled up for the next weeks. As you are aware, my golden purse  just got emptied by my recent purchase, and I plan to stay home this and the next weekend  just to buy enough time until payday. A little crunch here and there would get me through for sure, just like college. Yes, just like my chicken-fillet-McSavers-meal-veryday days.

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When I look in the mirror, I see a pair of eyes. Black eyes. Eyes that have seen many things. Things that have relative relevance to you, to me, and to all living things.

When I look in the mirror, I see a big nose. Nose that is the primary tool for my breathing. Breathing that keeps me alive. Breathing air that’s free, just like everyone else.

When I look in the mirror, I see a pair of chapped lips. Lips that touched other peoples lips. Lips that curve up to show a positive emotion. Lips that curve up to pretend.

When I look in the mirror, I see two small ears. Ears for hearing. Hearing the beautiful sound of nature. Hearing people. Hearing that leads to listening. Listening that leads to understanding.

When I look in the mirror, I see fragile arms. Arms that are as thin as a woman’s. Arms that could carry the heaviest things, but could not carry even the lightest burden.

When I look in the mirror, I see small hands. Hands with a soft touch. Touch not only skin to skin, but soul to soul.

When I look in the mirror, I see a big piece of skin. Skin that protects my whole system. Skin that protects me from the physical pain.

When I look in the mirror, he has all the body parts he needs. But as I stare at him, smell him, touch him, listen to him, I know something is missing. He is incomplete.


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