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Friday night and I’m once again stuck at home. I actually had a party to attend to earlier, but I opted to just stay in my bed and wither. I had several reasons – I had a long working shift yesterday, I didn’t get enough sleep last night, and I’m broke. Anyway, what’s done is done.¬†

So now, since I’m available in the next 12 hours, what I can do is share with you what happened during Annie’s Manila visit.



1. Annie came to Manila Day 1

OMG! The most awaited reunion of the VNGirls has finally come! Annie flew to Manila over the 3rd or 4th weekend of July to hangout and relive the Metro experience. It was the illest weekend I’ve had. It started on Friday, when I was on leave and decided to meet her on her first shindig – Late lunch at Katipunan. We had our OMG-how have-you-been’s , I-missed-you’s, and a couple more catch up conversations. It was a 2 out of 5, mainly because of the other guy with us. It was awkward for me since I know and he knows that we would choose not to make a conversation with each other. I might be assuming, but let’s leave it at that and keep the ball rolling.

So after that meet up, they pulled me to go to Greenhills to get Annie’s phone fixed. Oops, phoneS – she brought 2 phones, I think. ¬†Unfortunately, I was too underdressed for the location that I had to go back home and change. We stayed at my place to rest for a bit and then left for GH.

First thing we did was to get the phones fixed, after that, we went out for dinner at Omakase. It was a big plus for me since it’s Japanese. Of course, I wouldn’t let the night pass without having some sashimi slide down my throat. It was one of the greatest meals I’ve had. Oh, by the way, we met Charles and his other guy friend there, and they joined us for dinner. I was hesitant at first to have them with us, but when they were there, it turned out okay. I thought we wouldn’t be comfortable at each other’s company, (like that Tim guy from Katips), but I was wrong. Another reason is because I left my cursed wallet at home. Totally embarrassing. I was ready to take a cab right when I found out that my wallet wasn’t in my pocket, Thanks to Sarah for saving my day (Disclaimer: I don’t owe her a favor).

After dinner, the original plan was a videoke night. However, the old videoke place that we went to during Sarah’s birthday (This was years back when we were still in college), was closed. The area was recently renovated, and therefore the establishments there were just about to open. Sadly, the videoke place was one of them. Such a killer. We didn’t have a plan B, so we decided right then and there to go to the nearby icecream place, at least for us not to be nomads for the rest of the night. We had fun there. We were talking in clusters, and change conversation teams once in a while. You might ask why we didn’t talk as a whole. Turns out it wasn’t a bad thing since Sarah was on cloud 9 that night because of this guy friend whom Charles brought with. It was purely a chit chat night until we left.

I’ll tell you about Day 2 some other time as I’m already sleepy. Goodnight! xx


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