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I’m stuck on choosing what entry to write today. It has always been my problem and I never improved on it. Probably because I’m not a good writer, like creative juices repulse me and vice versa. But God knows I tried, try, will try. haha.

I can start by writing about my weekend, though it’s another story telling of my life. I have checked my past entries and the trend seems to be like that. I want to write something that is not about me, but about random things like this one guy at work. This good writer stalks my female seatmate and leaves notes at her workstation. Or not. Stalk might be a harsher word that what I mean. Think of something that’s lighter. Anyway, this guy leaves one note each day. No names written, just prose, to add a little mystery to the deed. He started doing this last Monday so we’re now on the 4th note. Of course, this seatmate is a good friend and therefore shows me the notes she received. I am very much impressed. The content wasn’t about courting or asking a girl out. Generally, the notes are about the random-est things like people watching, fireworks, flowers, whatever. You would know that this guy is someone with substance, and a good charmer. I’m wondering though when he plans to let my workmate know who he is. Looks wise, he isn’t a head turner, so I’m excited how this is going to turn out.

So yes. I wanna be good in writing too. Full of poetic words and all that magical charm haha. I should get some tips with the notes he leaves at my friend’s work station. hihi. I hope on my next entry you’ll see some improvement teehee. 😉


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