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It’s 2 out of 3 now!

Game on. Nica celebrated her birthday in Black Sheep last night. I must say, it’s one of the best restaurants I’ve been to yet.

For those of you who don’t know, Nica, Wong, and I have this annual thing to celebrate our birthdays in very classy restaurants. We have a minimum of 6k to spend for the celebration, but one can be creative on how it shall be spent. Wong had his at Tagaytay. He paid for our lodging at Canyon Woods and food at Sonia’s Garden. Nica, being fancy as she is, spent all the budget on Food, blocking the VIP area for ourselves. It was amazing. We were at the second floor of the loft looking restaurant, overlooking the basic goers haha just kidding. 

black sheep

The food was great! My favorite was the oyster with tapioca. It’s new to my tastebuds and it’s definitely something to try. My second favorite was the Foie Gras made of duck liver. Yum! But before you give your icky reactions to the food, the flavor was nowhere near Reno liver spread that you know. It’s sweet, and it melts in your mouth. In fact, it’s almost like the Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls, only better. There was also this cool technique on how one freezes the ice cream. The waiter used liquid nitrogen – he poured it to the liquid concoction, and created a smokey table. I initially thought it was dry ice, but then I realized, why? haha.


After the sumptuous dinner, we had our drinks. I got a glass of cranberry juice (since I don’t drink), and had mature conversations with everyone. Wait, by mature, I mean current events, careers, etc. Not the ones you probably had in mind. hahaha!

So yeah, overall it was amazing! This put pressure on me for my December dinner. Tough, but not impossible. Hah!


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Another idiot squirted his bigotry across the Facebook universe. I was supposed to write something good today, but this totally shifted my mood to battle mode.

A friend of a friend posted this status on Facebook:




So apparently, what this guy is saying (this is in Filipino) is that Gays are liars – for lying about their true biological sex. If a guy really loves another guy, then one shouldn’t lie with the other as he’s bringing the other to sin.

Are you from the 80’s? I don’t know what cave he hid himself in, but he badly needs a reality check. This is not a world of discrimination and bigotry anymore. 

No doubt, he has the right to express your opinion. I won’t contradict. At the end of the day, he has all the right to be wrong.


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Last night I found out that Hilary Duff released her new music video, Chasing the Sun. To be honest, I was expecting to hear an EDM-ish kind of music. I guess because that’s what’s popular now, and the last song she did that I remember most was With Love song, off her Dignity album.

Anyway, her new tune is very summer-y. Perfect to listen to when you’re on a roadtrip on a hot summer day. A good timing in the US as well, as most of the kids are on their way to their beach trips. As for me, it’s kind of hard to appreciate given that I’m at the other side of the planet where it’s all rainy. and slippery. Ugh.

For the video, I was happy to see her Lizzie Mcguire acting skills. She still has it. Plus, her body looks gorgeous, surprisingly. Although, I think I prefer her a little chubbier, like the one in the So Yesterday MV. I think her face is a little too thin, or maybe I’m just used to her old look. But yeah, it was a good and funny video.

I’m not sure if it’s gonna grow on me, but right now, it’s 6 out of 10. I’m gonna link the video here, so go check it out. Let me know your thoughts as well.

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Finally, something formal to celebrate my manager’s birthday. A better cake and a better crowd, now I’m guilt free!

I thought there was going to be a photo op with me included. Unfortunately, seems like I was at the wrong side of the room that time that I got asked to be the photographer. The irony right? Here you go —


Oh well, not a big deal. Haha Happy birthday, Marc!

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