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2017 has been pretty rough for me – a few wins to celebrate, but quite a number of failures to mourn about. Every year I always tell myself to bounce back and to get onesself improve, and every single year I always end up shoving what I said down my throat. There are so many reasons why I fail, mostly external and physical limitations. Nonetheless, I make the most out of what I get. I have no choice.

I dream of flying out of this country for good. Lets face it, life is better in Caucasian populated countries. I want better opportunities that will drive my independence. At my current state, I can’t even save up money for small gadgets. Leaving IBM is kind of my biggest life regret yet. If I stayed, I probably would’ve been 2 steps up the ladder already. Oh well, things like this, I now charge to experience.

While writing this, I suddenly realized that this year wasn’t so bad. I mean, in April, I had a good comeback. Not the fuck-how-u-do-dat comeback, but kind of a hey-welcome-to-where-you-left-off. That, I’m thankful for.


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