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What has my life been since my last entry?

Pretty much the same. A little better if you push it.

Watching everyone advancing into their careers, while I spend my morning hours dreading work, is just too painful in so many ways. I sometimes ask myself how I ended up with a slow progressing career. I mean, before all this, I was in a pretty good position. But, you know, I got curious for what’s in store for me outside. Don’t get me wrong – I learned so much for exploring other opportunities beyond the glorious fences of IBM. It’s just that I would’ve been in a better level if I stayed with my 1st company; my roots would’ve crawled deeper and cashflow would’ve been a flashflood. If only my 28 yo self paid me a visit in 2015 so i wouldn’t have to make such rash decisions of submitting my resignation letter.

I had thoughts of coming back, and those times, were in fact, the toughest. I want to, and at the same time, don’t. It’s not like there’s a slightest chance for me to come back, but you know, I want to just wake up one morning, and I will drive myself to Technohub with my TP in my bag, and my brain up to date to whatever i’ve missed the last coupla years. Obviously it’s no way gonna come true.

In any case, I am slowly working it out – to get over my loses and climb back up, as soon as freaking possible.



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