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New work

So on Monday, it’ll be my first day at my new work. Another jungle to explore; new employees to discover, adapt to, and make friends with. I’m fairly excited since it’s an upgrade from my previous one. Plus, I’m going back to the industry I came from so I think I ¬†more or less have the advantage in getting things right early on.

Why did I leave my previous job? I don’t think I am supposed to disclose, but to simple and civil terms, opportunity just opened its door for me. Also, I’m not getting any younger. I need to get an upgrade that could pay for my upgraded lifestyle – of course, I had to reach my goal of getting my own car and probably my own pad by 30. I’m 3 years away so I need to catch up very quick. ūüôā

Anyway, I hope I landed the perfect fit job already. Cheers!


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Would you hate me if I said I prayed for Summer to end?

No apologies coming. I am so frustrated with this terrible heat. News has it that the heat factor raised up to 44*C yesterday, which, in my criteria, wasn’t humanly tolerable. I wonder how some of the construction workers who were fixing the sewers yesterday were able to stay under the 1:00pm sun, doing extreme physical work. I, on the other hand, had been complaining on social media, sitting relatively comfortable on my computer chair, getting all the air from the fan and AC.

But this isn’t about me and my “privileged” life rants. It is a collective feedback about this heat. I am betting my April salary that I am not alone in this hateful retaliation against Summer. haha. Whatever. Please fast forward to when it’s much cooler; cool enough to wear a shirt and not a tank top inside the house.


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Tomorrow marks my 6th month in GABC. I’m officially a regular employee by tomorrow, although it has not been set on paper yet. I was assured that the papers don’t normally come on time, and it’s a normal thing in the company. I’m okay with the delay and all, it’s just that I don’t know how I feel about the whole regularization thing. I guess I am happy about it, because I am finally getting my benefits: health card, shopping discount, etc. Yet, I am¬†having second thoughts about staying. I don’t know

Not sure how to reason out with this feeling.¬†In my previous job I never went through this kind of thing. It’s probably not the job, cuz¬†work’s pretty fun so far. I am still excited to go to work every morning. I get to enjoy the holidays. It’s just that I am not sure.

It’s probably a quarter life crisis thing, although I don’t really want to join the bandwagon and blame it on a hypothetical life phase. I hope it goes away soon.

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So a friend from the US came to visit Manila, and what other way for us to celebrate but with a couple of Tequila and Jager bottles in our happy place – O-bar. Last night was definitely a night to beat. Everyone was drunk (except me, of course) and wild. My friends were probably holding a contest for most number of make out sessions, and honestly, I’m not sure who won. Me? I acted as a shipper and a wingman, aside from babysitting and keeping my friends from doing trouble. Yes, I’m a very good friend. Plus, I didn’t go there for the make out sessions, but for the DRAG SHOW which was divine! They had new production numbers that I haven’t seen before. And oh, they finally played a bunch of Britney Spears songs!! I knew they were saving the best for special occasions haha.

Obar party

Well anyway, it was a night to remember and I can’t wait to go there again! Happy Pride! xx

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Another idiot squirted his bigotry across the Facebook universe. I was supposed to write something good today, but this totally shifted my mood to battle mode.

A friend of a friend posted this status on Facebook:




So apparently, what this guy is saying (this is in Filipino) is that Gays are liars – for lying about their true biological sex. If a guy really loves another guy, then one shouldn’t lie with the other as he’s bringing the other to sin.

Are you from the 80’s? I don’t know what cave he hid himself in, but he¬†badly needs a reality check. This is not a world of discrimination and bigotry anymore.¬†

No doubt, he has¬†the right to express your opinion. I won’t contradict. At the end of the day, he has all the right to be wrong.


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Finally, something formal to celebrate my manager’s birthday. A better cake and a better crowd, now I’m guilt free!

I thought there was going to be a photo op with me included. Unfortunately, seems like I was at the wrong side of the room that time that I got asked to be the photographer. The irony right?¬†Here you go —


Oh well, not a big deal. Haha Happy birthday, Marc!

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So hey, I’m here again to loiter and just waste a couple of minutes of your time.

As promised, since I woke up early today and I got nothing to do besides watching YouTube videos, ¬†I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize for not visiting this blog often (I don’t know to whom I am apologizing. Do I even have followers?) I felt like I had more important things to do like… TV, Videogames, Internet… Ok I’m gonna stop. Sorry I am the worst in prioritizing things. But hey, I’m back. Kind of. I hope. So let bygones be bygones and move forward. I’ll keep telling myself that. Bah!

So anyway, I decided to do a catch up entry to tell you about what happened the last couple of months I was away. Psshh, I wasn’t away. I was just too lazy to write something, nor my brain is functioning right to create a new entry. haha! But yeah,¬†I’ll just outline the big events that I can remember:

1. I gotta be honest, I had to check my facebook timeline to remember. Me and my poor memory.

So in April, Nica and I had a staycation weekend. Why? We were supposed to go to Zambales to do camping. Yes, I agreed to go camping that time. However, it was raining really hard the night before, so it was a mutual decision not to push through. We thought about how it was going to be difficult for the two of us, given the circumstances – from going there, to creating fire, to cooking, it was going to be generally hard, and if you add the rain to the equation, it’s just too impossible. We knew we didn’t have enough testosterone to do all the man work. Haha please don’t judge, and camping ended up as a sleepover. It was Friday. We ran out of things to do. Plus, Nica prepared some good food for the camping – like the stuffed fish we were supposed to grill at the camp site, fruits, veggies, even the charcoal, we didn’t know what to do with them. So Saturday, The sun was high up. We had the money, and we didn’t know what to do with it. We decided to book a hotel here in QC for an overnight. Sorry that’s as creative as we can get. haha. But yeah, we spent the night there, utilized their pool, met up with some guys on Grindr, jk. and just took a lot of photos. It was a chill weekend. My energy gauge was totally replenished then and happy about how it turned out.

PS: I didn’t want to go camping. Thank God for the weather. *wink*

2. In May? I can only think of one thing. WANDERLAND! Yes. One of the greatest music festivals¬†I have ever attended yet. It happened in the Circuit City, the old Sta. Ana race track. If you know this place, you would understand that it wasn’t the best place to hold a concert given that it is right beside the super clean, super pristine Pasig river. My gosh.¬†

Okay, let me tell you the two bad things about this event. One is the killer aroma from the dirty river. I can’t tell you enough how unbearable the stench was. Every time the breeze coming from the side of the river hits our faces, it’s like our health points decrease to critical level. And guess what booths are standing right beside the river. Food stalls. HELLO?! This poor arrangement speaks of the great minds behind it; Two is the toilet. If you wanted a clean CR, you had to line up a couple of meters before you get to sit on the tiled throne room. There were portals, but I am positive that the ladies didn’t go there at all. Even if their bladders were just seconds before exploding. That time, I was glad I was born biologically male. haha!

So now, for the good part. My goodness, I don’t know where to begin! Hmm, I’ll start with the cool people. A lot of them were wearing really awesome clothes. Very pleasing to the eyes. For the ladies, the standard was short shorts, brown boots, hanging top, and a garland. For the gents, they had a sleeveless on, a cap, and tight shorts. No pun. Anyway, the vibe of the crowd was amazing. It’s like I could just sit on the grass and people watch. There were some who would approach you, give you freebies, and what you had to do was to take pictures with their stuff. There were also those who were¬†just taking hipster photos. You know that kind of thing where they stand in a spot with their eyes closed, feeling the breeze, not minding the other people walking. Hahaha! It was funny, but it was amazing funny. I think I had one photo doing that, so I won’t judge lol; Next is¬†the best part which is of course, the bands that played on stage. I only knew 3, I was a fan of 2, and I felt the gold rush at 1. One of the bands was The Paper Kites, they were the chill ones. It was during sunset when they played. The lights weren’t on yet, and everyone was just watching how the sky was turning orange to purple to black. It was an amazing scene accompanied with really beautiful music. We just sat there and waved our hands with the tune. After their performance, we went elsewhere while the other bands played. We were lazing around until the stage announced the next performer, the Royal Concept. The best performance of the night.¬†IT WAS AMAZING!!! My gosh. I’m not the type who goes to the pit and dance, but at that time, it seemed necessary. We were all singing to their songs, jumping, doing crazy stuff. The joy was everywhere. It almost brought tears to my eyes. Definitely one of the most memorable things I’ve seen.

Okay, for June and July, I’d have to write about it tomorrow cuz I have to go to work. Toodles!

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