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2017 has been pretty rough for me – a few wins to celebrate, but quite a number of failures to mourn about. Every year I always tell myself to bounce back and to get onesself improve, and every single year I always end up shoving what I said down my throat. There are so many reasons why I fail, mostly external and physical limitations. Nonetheless, I make the most out of what I get. I have no choice.

I dream of flying out of this country for good. Lets face it, life is better in Caucasian populated countries. I want better opportunities that will drive my independence. At my current state, I can’t even save up money for small gadgets. Leaving IBM is kind of my biggest life regret yet. If I stayed, I probably would’ve been 2 steps up the ladder already. Oh well, things like this, I now charge to experience.

While writing this, I suddenly realized that this year wasn’t so bad. I mean, in April, I had a good comeback. Not the fuck-how-u-do-dat comeback, but kind of a hey-welcome-to-where-you-left-off. That, I’m thankful for.


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New work

So on Monday, it’ll be my first day at my new work. Another jungle to explore; new employees to discover, adapt to, and make friends with. I’m fairly excited since it’s an upgrade from my previous one. Plus, I’m going back to the industry I came from so I think I ¬†more or less have the advantage in getting things right early on.

Why did I leave my previous job? I don’t think I am supposed to disclose, but to simple and civil terms, opportunity just opened its door for me. Also, I’m not getting any younger. I need to get an upgrade that could pay for my upgraded lifestyle – of course, I had to reach my goal of getting my own car and probably my own pad by 30. I’m 3 years away so I need to catch up very quick. ūüôā

Anyway, I hope I landed the perfect fit job already. Cheers!

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Would you hate me if I said I prayed for Summer to end?

No apologies coming. I am so frustrated with this terrible heat. News has it that the heat factor raised up to 44*C yesterday, which, in my criteria, wasn’t humanly tolerable. I wonder how some of the construction workers who were fixing the sewers yesterday were able to stay under the 1:00pm sun, doing extreme physical work. I, on the other hand, had been complaining on social media, sitting relatively comfortable on my computer chair, getting all the air from the fan and AC.

But this isn’t about me and my “privileged” life rants. It is a collective feedback about this heat. I am betting my April salary that I am not alone in this hateful retaliation against Summer. haha. Whatever. Please fast forward to when it’s much cooler; cool enough to wear a shirt and not a tank top inside the house.


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Tomorrow marks my 6th month in GABC. I’m officially a regular employee by tomorrow, although it has not been set on paper yet. I was assured that the papers don’t normally come on time, and it’s a normal thing in the company. I’m okay with the delay and all, it’s just that I don’t know how I feel about the whole regularization thing. I guess I am happy about it, because I am finally getting my benefits: health card, shopping discount, etc. Yet, I am¬†having second thoughts about staying. I don’t know

Not sure how to reason out with this feeling.¬†In my previous job I never went through this kind of thing. It’s probably not the job, cuz¬†work’s pretty fun so far. I am still excited to go to work every morning. I get to enjoy the holidays. It’s just that I am not sure.

It’s probably a quarter life crisis thing, although I don’t really want to join the bandwagon and blame it on a hypothetical life phase. I hope it goes away soon.

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So a friend from the US came to visit Manila, and what other way for us to celebrate but with a couple of Tequila and Jager bottles in our happy place – O-bar. Last night was definitely a night to beat. Everyone was drunk (except me, of course) and wild. My friends were probably holding a contest for most number of make out sessions, and honestly, I’m not sure who won. Me? I acted as a shipper and a wingman, aside from babysitting and keeping my friends from doing trouble. Yes, I’m a very good friend. Plus, I didn’t go there for the make out sessions, but for the DRAG SHOW which was divine! They had new production numbers that I haven’t seen before. And oh, they finally played a bunch of Britney Spears songs!! I knew they were saving the best for special occasions haha.

Obar party

Well anyway, it was a night to remember and I can’t wait to go there again! Happy Pride! xx

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Another idiot squirted his bigotry across the Facebook universe. I was supposed to write something good today, but this totally shifted my mood to battle mode.

A friend of a friend posted this status on Facebook:




So apparently, what this guy is saying (this is in Filipino) is that Gays are liars – for lying about their true biological sex. If a guy really loves another guy, then one shouldn’t lie with the other as he’s bringing the other to sin.

Are you from the 80’s? I don’t know what cave he hid himself in, but he¬†badly needs a reality check. This is not a world of discrimination and bigotry anymore.¬†

No doubt, he has¬†the right to express your opinion. I won’t contradict. At the end of the day, he has all the right to be wrong.


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Finally, something formal to celebrate my manager’s birthday. A better cake and a better crowd, now I’m guilt free!

I thought there was going to be a photo op with me included. Unfortunately, seems like I was at the wrong side of the room that time that I got asked to be the photographer. The irony right?¬†Here you go —


Oh well, not a big deal. Haha Happy birthday, Marc!

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