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It’s 2 out of 3 now!

Game on. Nica celebrated her birthday in Black Sheep last night. I must say, it’s one of the best restaurants I’ve been to yet.

For those of you who don’t know, Nica, Wong, and I have this annual thing to celebrate our birthdays in very classy restaurants. We have a minimum of 6k to spend for the celebration, but one can be creative on how it shall be spent. Wong had his at Tagaytay. He paid for our lodging at Canyon Woods and food at Sonia’s Garden. Nica, being fancy as she is, spent all the budget on Food, blocking the VIP area for ourselves. It was amazing. We were at the second floor of the loft looking restaurant, overlooking the basic goers haha just kidding. 

black sheep

The food was great! My favorite was the oyster with tapioca. It’s new to my tastebuds and it’s definitely something to try. My second favorite was the Foie Gras made of duck liver. Yum! But before you give your icky reactions to the food, the flavor was nowhere near Reno liver spread that you know. It’s sweet, and it melts in your mouth. In fact, it’s almost like the Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls, only better. There was also this cool technique on how one freezes the ice cream. The waiter used liquid nitrogen – he poured it to the liquid concoction, and created a smokey table. I initially thought it was dry ice, but then I realized, why? haha.


After the sumptuous dinner, we had our drinks. I got a glass of cranberry juice (since I don’t drink), and had mature conversations with everyone. Wait, by mature, I mean current events, careers, etc. Not the ones you probably had in mind. hahaha!

So yeah, overall it was amazing! This put pressure on me for my December dinner. Tough, but not impossible. Hah!


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Finally, something formal to celebrate my manager’s birthday. A better cake and a better crowd, now I’m guilt free!

I thought there was going to be a photo op with me included. Unfortunately, seems like I was at the wrong side of the room that time that I got asked to be the photographer. The irony right? Here you go —


Oh well, not a big deal. Haha Happy birthday, Marc!

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I’ve been gone for too long, I think it’s time to bring it back.

You know the song? I know right? Who doesn’t? lol

I’m back! Oh gosh, I’ve been very busy since the last time I posted an entry here.  I’m still busy though, and this might last longer that it’ll ever be. ugh. But do not fear my brothers and sisters. Since I love you this biiiiiiiiiiiig, I filed my leave today and got to squeeze in some time to update you guys. Here are the big events that happened to me last weekend:


Last Friday, my friends and I decided to celebrate pride at Today x Future in Cubao Expo. There was a pre-pride event hosted by the Panty Monsters, a group of head-to-toe spectacular people, that brought freedom of expression through clothing to a whole different level. Everyone was dressed uniquely, and I was somehow OP-ed since I was only wearing my normal casual clothes. I know right?! It never occurred to me that I’d look so different in that place, when all I wanted at that time was to blend in. lol. Anyway, here are some photos:


Look at their hair. They came and sported a wide variety of hair color. It’s like the more unique you look, the better! If only I could dye my hair green, I’d be one of the happiest people in the world. lol


Look at how they’re dressed! I was only wearing a white shirt and a pair of jeans. I could’ve worn something better, like a pair of boots or something just to set myself at a certain level close to theirs. *though I think it’d fail* Still, kudos to them! I was very much overwhelmed by their style. That night was so surreal.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay too long and I had to go home before 1 am. I didn’t catch my friends’ wild dancing and other stuff. Oh well, I’m sure there will be a buttload of opportunities in the next months. Hurrah!


The next Saturday, Nica and I was set to go to DLSU to visit the new Henry Sy building. I commuted to La Salle the way I used to when I was still studying, LRT. I missed it. The terrible odor of mixed sweat and bad breath was just– I don’t know what to say! lol Anyway, We met at school around 2pm and found out that the new building wasn’t open because it wasn’t finished yet. It was another failed saturday since I didn’t get to take photos, again. 😦 But we didn’t lose hope. Nica and I waited for Wong to finish his class until 3 and met up with him at the conservatory. We then decided to crash a kiddie party at Sam’s. Well, what’s great about it was the free food, so you know, we swallowed our pride and participated with the kids. Check out the photos I was able to get.

I don’t know if you’re able to see me, but I’m that guy at the background drinking. Anyway, we were like refugees waiting for food. We were so hungry because there was a clown and magic show prior to eating, and you know, food was our only motive going there. loljk. The magic show was fun. I still couldn’t figure how the magician made the table fly when there was no string or anything to keep it afloat. It’s a mystery that will forever be in my head.

That’s Charlie over there! Not the kid with the eyeglasses. That’s Servi. Yes, Charlie’s a she. I was surprised, too. Anyway, she’s a very adorable kid, though she cries a lot, which was one of the reasons why I wasn’t able to get a picture with her. I was trying to get her from Sam, but Charlie kept on refusing. She doesn’t like me. huhu If only i could take her home. 😦 lol.

So that’s what happened last weekend. The weekdays were pretty much the same as the other weeks so, I’ll share it to you some other time probably. So how about you? How did you spend the weekend?

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My friend officially booked reservations for her birthday dinner in July

I meant to share with you one of the big things I am excited about for next month. So basically, my friend is going to celebrate her birthday, and instead of throwing a party for everyone as what she has done in the past years, she decided to spend her funds in having an expensive dinner with just a few close friends. I don’t know what exactly made her change her mind. This plan was supposed to be for our Christmas dinner which we randomly discussed in one of our boring weekends. We thought about ourselves in coats, while the waiter pop the bottle of champagne and stuff. We were just laughing about it like a joke. A running thought to be further discussed. Until recently, she asked me if going on a formal dinner with me and another friend is a good idea. Of course, I answered yes! Anything that has exclusivity for me is definitely a go.

I’m glad I was chosen to be a part of this mature activity. For one, it’s going to be free. lol. Second, I haven’t gone to any fancy restaurants before, which has a dress code so it’s a good experience as well. I can imagine ourselves role playing like madam’s and sir’s! It’s gonna be a silly night for sure.

It got me thinking though, wouldn’t her other friends take it bitterly when they find out that they weren’t invited? I have actually done this when I threw my birthday party last year. I was only able to invite a few close friends due to lack of budget. I didn’t become a big issue, though. Besides, it should be the celebrant’s prerogative. Anyway, I hope everything goes well.

Well, I still have a few weeks to prepare for this. I was thinking of wearing a black turtle neck long sleeves, like what Steve Jobs used to wear. I don’t wanna look over or under-dressed. I just don’t know where I could buy that fits me well. Anyway, I’ll be making it a big issue in the coming weeks. Right now, I’m going to chill. It’s the FREAKING WEEKEND!

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