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So a friend from the US came to visit Manila, and what other way for us to celebrate but with a couple of Tequila and Jager bottles in our happy place – O-bar. Last night was definitely a night to beat. Everyone was drunk (except me, of course) and wild. My friends were probably holding a contest for most number of make out sessions, and honestly, I’m not sure who won. Me? I acted as a shipper and a wingman, aside from babysitting and keeping my friends from doing trouble. Yes, I’m a very good friend. Plus, I didn’t go there for the make out sessions, but for the DRAG SHOW which was divine! They had new production numbers that I haven’t seen before. And oh, they finally played a bunch of Britney Spears songs!! I knew they were saving the best for special occasions haha.

Obar party

Well anyway, it was a night to remember and I can’t wait to go there again! Happy Pride! xx


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I’m torn between Pride and Friendship.

I had a fight with a friend which ended a few weeks ago. Well, not exactly ended, at least for me. I could not determine because there wasn’t a formal conclusion to the issue. That friend already apologized, but he wasn’t aware of what he was apologizing for. When he asked me what he did wrong, I didn’t tell him. I didn’t want to. I wanted him to figure it out. In fact, my response was very reflective for him. “Did you do anything to make me feel angry towards you?” The exact words, but it was in Filipino. I didn’t owe it to him. He had to know because he made the mistake. He had to know because he’s old enough to determine what’s right and wrong.

So yes, he apologized, but unlike our previous settlements, this one’s different. I have forgiven him. I have no grudges against him, or whatsoever. It’s just that I can’t stop feeling awkward towards him.  I tried to act normal, but at the back of my mind I thought that soon we’ll have something to fight about again and go back to the endless cycle. I’m probably tired of it that’s why. It’s like our friendship has been scarred for life. haha. I don’t know. I think things will never be the same as before, but we’ll see.

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I’ve been gone for too long, I think it’s time to bring it back.

You know the song? I know right? Who doesn’t? lol

I’m back! Oh gosh, I’ve been very busy since the last time I posted an entry here.  I’m still busy though, and this might last longer that it’ll ever be. ugh. But do not fear my brothers and sisters. Since I love you this biiiiiiiiiiiig, I filed my leave today and got to squeeze in some time to update you guys. Here are the big events that happened to me last weekend:


Last Friday, my friends and I decided to celebrate pride at Today x Future in Cubao Expo. There was a pre-pride event hosted by the Panty Monsters, a group of head-to-toe spectacular people, that brought freedom of expression through clothing to a whole different level. Everyone was dressed uniquely, and I was somehow OP-ed since I was only wearing my normal casual clothes. I know right?! It never occurred to me that I’d look so different in that place, when all I wanted at that time was to blend in. lol. Anyway, here are some photos:


Look at their hair. They came and sported a wide variety of hair color. It’s like the more unique you look, the better! If only I could dye my hair green, I’d be one of the happiest people in the world. lol


Look at how they’re dressed! I was only wearing a white shirt and a pair of jeans. I could’ve worn something better, like a pair of boots or something just to set myself at a certain level close to theirs. *though I think it’d fail* Still, kudos to them! I was very much overwhelmed by their style. That night was so surreal.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay too long and I had to go home before 1 am. I didn’t catch my friends’ wild dancing and other stuff. Oh well, I’m sure there will be a buttload of opportunities in the next months. Hurrah!


The next Saturday, Nica and I was set to go to DLSU to visit the new Henry Sy building. I commuted to La Salle the way I used to when I was still studying, LRT. I missed it. The terrible odor of mixed sweat and bad breath was just– I don’t know what to say! lol Anyway, We met at school around 2pm and found out that the new building wasn’t open because it wasn’t finished yet. It was another failed saturday since I didn’t get to take photos, again. 😦 But we didn’t lose hope. Nica and I waited for Wong to finish his class until 3 and met up with him at the conservatory. We then decided to crash a kiddie party at Sam’s. Well, what’s great about it was the free food, so you know, we swallowed our pride and participated with the kids. Check out the photos I was able to get.

I don’t know if you’re able to see me, but I’m that guy at the background drinking. Anyway, we were like refugees waiting for food. We were so hungry because there was a clown and magic show prior to eating, and you know, food was our only motive going there. loljk. The magic show was fun. I still couldn’t figure how the magician made the table fly when there was no string or anything to keep it afloat. It’s a mystery that will forever be in my head.

That’s Charlie over there! Not the kid with the eyeglasses. That’s Servi. Yes, Charlie’s a she. I was surprised, too. Anyway, she’s a very adorable kid, though she cries a lot, which was one of the reasons why I wasn’t able to get a picture with her. I was trying to get her from Sam, but Charlie kept on refusing. She doesn’t like me. huhu If only i could take her home. 😦 lol.

So that’s what happened last weekend. The weekdays were pretty much the same as the other weeks so, I’ll share it to you some other time probably. So how about you? How did you spend the weekend?

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