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It’s 2 out of 3 now!

Game on. Nica celebrated her birthday in Black Sheep last night. I must say, it’s one of the best restaurants I’ve been to yet.

For those of you who don’t know, Nica, Wong, and I have this annual thing to celebrate our birthdays in very classy restaurants. We have a minimum of 6k to spend for the celebration, but one can be creative on how it shall be spent. Wong had his at Tagaytay. He paid for our lodging at Canyon Woods and food at Sonia’s Garden. Nica, being fancy as she is, spent all the budget on Food, blocking the VIP area for ourselves. It was amazing. We were at the second floor of the loft looking restaurant, overlooking the basic goers haha just kidding. 

black sheep

The food was great! My favorite was the oyster with tapioca. It’s new to my tastebuds and it’s definitely something to try. My second favorite was the Foie Gras made of duck liver. Yum! But before you give your icky reactions to the food, the flavor was nowhere near Reno liver spread that you know. It’s sweet, and it melts in your mouth. In fact, it’s almost like the Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls, only better. There was also this cool technique on how one freezes the ice cream. The waiter used liquid nitrogen – he poured it to the liquid concoction, and created a smokey table. I initially thought it was dry ice, but then I realized, why? haha.


After the sumptuous dinner, we had our drinks. I got a glass of cranberry juice (since I don’t drink), and had mature conversations with everyone. Wait, by mature, I mean current events, careers, etc. Not the ones you probably had in mind. hahaha!

So yeah, overall it was amazing! This put pressure on me for my December dinner. Tough, but not impossible. Hah!


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This is a very outdated entry. I was supposed to tell you about my Tagaytay weekend two weeks ago, but I never got the chance. I’ve been busy with several things – work, shopping, series, rest. So there.

Anyway, so my friends and I spent our whole Saturday at Tagaytay. But before we landed there, we had quite a lot of delays due to our friend who resides down south. She was an hour late, which made us adjust our schedule a little bit. If you’re reading this amiga, have no doubts because it’s you.I only had one purpose in agreeing to come to this trip, and that is to have a new profile photo when I get home. Fortunately, I was successful in this endeavor, and more. We got to dine at a fancy restaurant – Antonio’s. That place screams BEAUTIFUL in every aspect. It has a Greek inspired backyard, with the main house/dining area having an old Spanish-Filipino look. Of course I didn’t let the opportunity pass. I took my camera and began taking pictures. Aside from the alluring view, expensive food was served to us. We had the ‘like a boss’ feel, and we weren’t out of place-d at all; there was a sense of belonging in that whole experience.

After this, we were supposed to head straight to the freedom park, but the weather was not as cooperative. We had to take refuge at Starbucks that’s has a overlooking view of the Taal. Another awesome place to visit. The fog came to us like a mist on Silent Hill. I tried to inhale the fog. haha. I don’t know if it was the wet wood, but it smelled like the soil. We waited until the whole landscape was clear from the fog, and it was worth it.

With the weather looking better, we have decided to ditch the place and go the Freedom Park. First destination was the zip line. I was too scared to go zip-lining and took photos of Nica and Zel instead. Wong and I thought that it’s back and forth, so we were waiting at the edge of the zipline to wait for the ladies. Apparently, we were wrong and they just walked themselves towards us. It was so funny because when they were about to cross from the bridge to us by taking the muddy shortcut, Zel slipped. I couldn’t help her because I was laughing so hard at the mishap. She couldn’t move because her shoes were slipping everytime she moves the other foot forward. Well, she got out of the mud trap eventually. But that was the best! After Zel cleaned up herself, we went to the main park. We took several pictures there then went to the horse backriding area. It was an awesome experience, too. The last time I rode a horse was 5 years ago with my dad. We had the game of thrones feel riding the awesome horses. We roleplayed random characters as we were maneuvering the horses in the field.

So basically that’s how my Tagaytay Saturday turned out. Just divine. Here are some pictures:

We all look awesome. That’s Nica at the left, and Zel at the right. HAHAHA! This was Zel when she was still clean. hihi.

I think this area’s prohibited to visitors. We found a house downstairs with a growling dog that stares vehemently at people.

We look cute here. We’re like Dora’s apprentices.

Okay so over the stairs on this photo, there’s a rude dog that”s lying there and growling at anyone who comes to try to get   through.

This was our viand. Rosemary Chicken sum-sum. I forgot it’s whole name. But the taste was definitely unforgettable.

Here’s the whole pack! Awesome amigas!

The photo would’ve looked better without me in it. The view was just awesome!

Oh gosh. I swear I laughed while posting this!! *Mean*

Here we are. Giddy up, giddy up!

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