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I confirmed last Friday to GABC HR that I will be accepting the job offer. After some months of taking numerous interviews, sending CVs, and intense prayers, I finally landed a job that is not BPO! No more night shifts and stressful, sleepless nights! For those of you who don’t know, I had my last day with IBM in April, primarily because of the work shift. I was actually planning about the separation since September, 2014, but I was in a good team and I handled very good clients that parting made it difficult. Plus, I had a great manager, and he was great in making me feel important. Here’s a photo of my last day at work (this was 3 months ago – sorry I’m not a daily blogger haha)


All smiles!

Anyway, it was really difficult to shift industries. I guess HR folks screen people by the specific skills they are looking for. Like for example – I had good people and client management skills, but when I applied for an inventory position, they were looking for someone who has inventory management background. Surely I’ve never done such in IBM. Same with the different jobs that I applied for – mostly in retail. Even if I was one of the top performers in my previous company, I felt that it was irrelevant for them. So as time went by, I narrowed down my options, to the point that I questioned myself if I should go back to BPO. My goals were shaken for a second, but then I realized it would be beneficial for long term if I would shift as early as now. So I kept on searching, took on interviews, spent money on gas, killed time waiting patiently for time insensitive interviewers, and voila. Now I am about to embark a new journey in the retail industry!

Thank God for this opportunity and I hope I grow more in this line of work.


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Nothing. The person who wrote the entry before this is pretty much the same as the one writing this nonsensical sentence now. Work-wise, still the fluctuating workload (hmm, fluctuating doesn’t seem appropriate). The past few weeks I’ve been staying at the office for not less than 10 hours. Sounds familiar? Right. The same scenario as last month, and months before last month (okay, I overused the word month). Lovelife? Nada. One thing remains the same though, hopelessly dreaming; hopelessly waiting for a gorgeous man in tux, and his classy black car parked in front of my house. Like that’s ever going to happen. Ugh. Money, it has always been my problem and I don’t think it’s gonna change anytime soon. Travel, I haven’t been going out lately. The last time I went someplace else was in May(?) for Puerto G and I don’t think I got anything booked for the next weeks. Hay, my life is miserable. To add to that, a friend gave me a heads up about the seatsale today, and I didn’t score a schedule. My ill fated life.

Last week, I bought a new laptop. It’s a Lenovo G480 with a W8 OS. I’m a total newbie, that I had to watch tutorials online. So far, I’m getting the hang of it, and in fact enjoying its awesome applications. It works like the usual handy gadgets out there like iPad, and stuff, wherein you can easily install small applications. It’s really cool. It also has snippets in the start menu. It’s not the normal start button anymore, by the way. It’s like a more advanced homepage with bigger icons.  Anyway, if you wanna know more about it, just check out Youtube for tutorials.

I got nothing else to say, apart from the fact that my laptop’s battery is almost drained. Until next time, my loyal reader/s.





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I’m not in the mood to share my Tagaytay experience last weekend, but I have this weird encounter earlier this morning that I’d tell instead.

Every morning since my dad left for Alaska, I’ve been taking a cab to have a cool, pollution-free trip to work. Apparently, today I experienced a different type of pollution that kind of destroyed my day. So I was running late when I caught this cab at first sight. I was lucky. Seconds before, my vision passed through the lady that I remember to have stolen the cab I was waving at last Friday. She was at the same spot, also waiting for a cab. Right then, I knew I was triumphant, I got it first. I wanted to give the lady an evil grin of victory, but I was too surprised to do so when I saw all the cab’s windows down. It only meant one thing, no effing air conditioner. Fortunately, the driver explained that he was just saving gas and yes, there was actually a/c. And so we moved along to the usual route that I take to Commonwealth. One random moment, the cab driver shared how sexy the girls are nowadays. It was definitely a WTF moment. I couldn’t say nor express anything. I wasn’t sure how, so I nodded to express comprehension and nothing else.I thought it would be impolite if i ignored him because I was sitting right beside him at that time. With that nod, it probably gave him the signal that he could talk more, which he did the whole trip. I could say that it’s one of my worst cab rides ever. I would’ve talked back and converse with him if he shared about the current political issues of our country or something else, just not about women! Ugh.

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